1. Anonymous said: have you done much anal

    Not really as I’m not that into it.. I’ve done it once recently and actually enjoyed it and I initiated it haha :P go me

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  2. Anonymous said: how do you like it?

    How do YOU like it?

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  3. Anonymous said: anything "memorable" happen AT school? :)

    I don’t think anything kinky or interesting ever happened at school., school camps yeah, but not at school sorry :( I was kind of an ugly duckling at school.. Lol

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  4. Some morning booty ;)

    Some morning booty ;)

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  5. New hair!!! xx

    New hair!!! xx

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  6. Anonymous said: in regards to ur last post about most memorable fucks, it came to mind that u might have some that u wish u had the chance to fuck but didnt get to due to stuff. are there any?

    Theres a few people that I wish I had the chance to fuck along the way.. guys and girls.. but depending on circumstances, distance and timing it didnt work out.. but every girl has a wish list ;)

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  7. Anonymous said: in ne of those memorable moments did you ever let the man cum on your face?

    I dont believe any of those specific memorable moments the guy came on my face, but ive certainly let it happen before! ;)

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  8. Anonymous said: Is your email still sera.hannah@hotmail.

    no, its not and never has been. Sorry!
    All bookings can be sent to sera.gray@hotmail.comĀ 

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  9. Anonymous said: Would you take a photo of your mans cock in you,

    I’d have to ask him if it could be published.. But I’d happily take one :p

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  10. Anonymous said: I'll give you a memorable fuck

    Awesome… I love anonymous over the interweb fucks.. They are my favourite…. ?!

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  11. Anonymous said: Hey sera check your email :)

    I have… Nothing New?? Did I miss something?

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  12. I need $3000 to pay for flights and accommodation to attend Rock The Mansion Playboy party as I was invited today!!!!!
    Who wants what for $3000?! Hahaha send ideas.. Serious ones.. And I’ll consider them :P

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  13. Anonymous said: What's your most memorable fuck?

    This question has had me sitting here for ages trying to pick just one!! What a good question :)
    I’ve had a few really memorable ones.. I’ll list a few :) haha :P

    Having sex on the roof of my house on a blanket under the stars.. I was 16 haha

    Fucking in the middle of a park in the bushes at 3am on an overturned trolley with the lead singer of a band.. Had bruises for weeks

    Going at it hard with my ex girlfriend in the closet of my friends parents at a party.. Mirrors everywhere!

    Getting fucked from behind on the couch while watching a movie with my ex.. His parents were on the opposite couch. We had to be dead silent and not move much.. I covered the couch in cum lol

    Sitting on the edge of the couch above my man fingering myself as he lay on the floor and I squirted all over him.. Then jumped down and rode him while still wearing my high heels and school girl skirt

    Randomly fucking a Los Angeles guy on the Playboy Kandy Kruise in his room.. Only to find out that his room mate was on the top bunk watching the whole time!

    Having sex in a public toilet at a really fancy mall on my lunch break when my ex came and met me for a quickie
    Getting fucked in my car which had gullwing doors by a guy I’d been chasing for ages.. He sat in the seat and I held on to the very top of the gullwing door and rode him til he came.. In a car park in the middle of a national park :P

    Having sex with my ex girlfriend on my bed when my boyfriend at the time walked in.. We didn’t stop ;)

    Getting fucked by my ultimate booty call on Australia day.. He has an amazing body and it was one time that i was turned on as much visually as i was physically.. Was treated like a pornstar.. Fucking loved it.. We even filmed some of it haha (@youngandhung7) hehe

    Literally getting fucked by one of Aussies best body builders after flirting for ages.. We cuddled, watched movies, he bought me dinner, then we went at it.. He could almost lift me with one finger so it was amazing to have him just pick me up and put me exactly where wanted me.. Such a turn on! And the body… Omg!! I came JUST from looking at him. It was incredible.

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  14. seedy78 said: How often do you get on cam?

    I haven’t been able to get on in the last few weeks as I’ve been away. This Tuesday night I’ll hopefully be on! :)

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  15. Anonymous said: I didn't mean to upset you with my comment and I deffinetly don't see you as a play thing, I just appreciate someone as beautiful as yourself

    I appreciate that, but please think how it comes across to me. I get a message from an anonymous person on the Internet who could be ANYONE saying that they are willing to pay a small amount of money for me to disgrace myself. It doesn’t make me feel ‘beautiful’
    Haha offer me $10,000 then we can talk business!! Haha kidding :P

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